Little boy with daddy doll surprised by military dad at daycare…This will touch your heart?VIDEO

A three-year-old boy was suddenly taken aback by his life when his father returned after the service to take care of himself. Given the fact that the father had been in the service for almost a year, the boy’s joy was quite normal and logical.

If the moment on the video inspires and inspires you all, you may be more interested in the latter. The boy, Tatum, thought that the doll he always played with would play the role of his father.

More than a year later, when he met his father, his teacher, Mrs. Johnson, asked him how he would react if he saw him. It was almost obvious to Tatum that he was sharing that he was going to give his beloved father a “big scream”. As the video shows, his father, Michael, enters the Kids First Daycare Center and immediately closes his eyes with his hands. Shocked, Tatum quickly got up and hugged his father.

Although the service clearly made the young boy miss his father, not everything was so rosy and colorful for his mother. In fact, it is safe to say that it was a difficult time for the whole family. As she explained, while her husband preferred her career, the sons did not play a significant role in her life story. But he is very happy that he came back, because he thought that happier days were ahead.

He told Britain that he hoped the video would show the whole truth about the life of a military child. It seems surprising, but Tatum has been away from his father for half a year. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes.