This is amazing!!! The cleverest dog is learning to play piano.

Can you teach your dog to play the piano? Sure, why not? Most dogs can learn to press piano or keyboard keys to make noise, and will happily do so for a reward! You can use this fun trick to entertain your friends and family. Just don’t expect too much in the way of actual musical talent. Your dog probably isn’t much of a virtuoso! Still, you and your pup can have lots of fun with this trick. Just remember it is supposed to be fun,  if he doesn’t get it right away, don’t punish him, it’s not like he is going to lose his place at Juilliard!

You can train your dog to press keys on a keyboard to make sound. You will need to make sure your dog is comfortable performing this trick and is not frightened or nervous of the sounds, which may take some acclimatizing and positive reinforcement. You can use a toy piano that is close to the ground so your dog can reach it, put a keyboard on the ground, or teach your dog to jump up on a piano stool to play a regular piano. Using a regular piano will involve teaching your dog to reach the keyboard, as well as play it. You can teach a young dog to play piano, but very young puppies may not have much of an attention span, and you may be best to wait until your young dog can focus on learning this trick so that it is fun for your dog and not frustrating. You don’t want him to be like a kid that’s forced to practice the piano!  Remember this is a fun trick, and training should be fun and not involve negative consequences or punishment.