Johnny Carson gets some great laughs from Don Rickles

Johnny Carson brought on some of the funniest guests for The Tonight Show. No shortage of legendary comedians would grace his chairs and stage. Don Rickles was one of the best.

Rickles was a comedian always known for the most insulting of humor. His quick and cynical wit made him iconic. He would appear in numerous stand-up routines and many movies.

In this episode of The Tonight Show from 1977, Rickles came on the program to promote his new show. He appeared alongside baseball athlete Lou Brock.

Rickles sits down in his blue suit. Carson is a bit thrown off by the outfit. Rickles then brings up how his wife thought Carson looked adorable in a white one-piece.

Carson also brings up more about Rickles’s look. Rickles then counters by saying he feels like he’s at a psychiatrist’s office. ‘And I know your problems,’ says Rickles as he motions towards Carson.

Rickles laughs with Carson. He then turns to a smiling Lou and tells him to laugh. ‘Ballplayers, they don’t know anything,’ says Rickles after hassling Loud.

Rickles then brings up his upcoming show, CPO Sharkey, which doesn’t have an airdate set for the fall. After mentioning some help from Carson, Rickles makes a plea to the audience. He gets on his knees to beg.

Rickles makes a bit of conversation with Lou before going forward. Lou is laughing hard.

Rickles, distracted, sits down and decides to talk with Lou some more. He brings up Willie Crawford Jr.

While talking, Rickles makes fun of Johnny’s mannerisms and how much he gets paid. Carson has the perfect comeback, stating he knows when his show will be on in the fall. The two share a big laugh.

Rickles instructs Lou on how to play baseball. He gives hand signal instructions, speaking and moving fast. Rickles then sits down and shows excellent admiration for Lou, offering a handshake and hug.

The audience applauds. Rickles gets loud and excited about sports. Carson signals a commercial break, but Rickles cuts him off by announcing loudly, ‘We’ll be right back!’