When Carol Burnett and Betty White are on screen, it’s like a hug of nostalgia

‘The Carol Burnett Show’ welcomed guest star Betty White for a fabulous skit about senior women who attend their class reunion. Their age is increasing, but the comedy and singing voices are still outstanding.

As the skit begins, a sign over a door says ‘Class Of 1932 Waxahatchie University.’ The room has a long prepared table, but it’s empty as Carol, playing the role of ‘Latisha,’ walks in the door.

She looks around the table with a confused look on her face. Finally, Latisha sits as another woman named Fanny, played by Betty White, walks in. Fanny yells, ‘Latisha?’ Carol responds, saying, ‘You don’t have to shout.’

The two women sit at opposite ends of the table and yell back and forth comically. Latisha can’t see very well and walks around to hug Fanny, but she wobbles around the whole table.

They finally hug and sit next to each other while talking about a football game from college that they cheered for. Once they take off their jackets, their cheer uniforms are revealed.

They yell and wave pom-poms as they do their old school chant. Then, they sit in pain because they are so tired. In a moment of reflection, the two comedy icons sing a heartfelt song called ‘Ready to Begin Again.’

The lyrics are funny and poignant at the same time. They mention having teeth in the glass by their bed and wigs in their drawer. They find hope by the end of the song. Latisha says, ‘Let’s try that sucker again!’ The girls pick up their pom-poms, and the skit ends happily.