Singing nurse helps heal patients with her voice

Meet Kathleen Sarnes, the hospice nurse whose popularity is ever-growing among her patients. Kathleen Sarnes uses her voice as a unique gift that may have profound health benefits any moment she sings to her patients.

To Sarnes, music is something extraordinary in her career. She crisscrosses the Staten Island region to visit her patients and brighten their day as she uses her ‘sweet’ voice.

The hospice nurse considers music as something that really speaks to her as a person. She takes her time to pass the feeling along to her patients. Sarnes believes that nursing is not just about giving medications but taking care of the patient’s body, mind, and spirit.

One of Sarnes’s patients named Billy Caputo, who previously worked as a World Wrestling Entertainment referee, revealed that he loved hearing the hospice nurse sing John Denver’s “Take me Home, Country Roads.”

Kate Miley, Billy Caputo’s daughter, believes that the music sung by her father’s hospice nurse has helped keep him alive. Kate confirms that her father would not have made it through last summer if not for Sarnes’s music therapy.

Kathleen Sarnes’s love for music is considered to be genetic. Her passion for music came from Verlene, her grandmother, whom Sarnes says had a lovely voice. Sarnes explained that her grandmother told her that the people she cares for were just healthy before they got sick.

Research has shown that music can help alleviate anxieties and pain among patients exposed to hospice care. Sarnes joins the list of other caregivers like Mikea Braden, Alex Collazo, and Jared Axen. They have taken advantage of music therapy when dealing with patients.