You’ll feel in ‘Amazing Grace’ after hearing the beautiful voices of 600 teachers in harmony

Six hundred musical teachers sang ‘Amazing Grace’ at the drop of a hat at a music conference. They did no preparation and no previous rehearsals to achieve this incredible musical feat. 

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, the guest speaker for the annual Manitoba Music Educators “Tempo Conference,” was in charge of the six hundred musical educators. His only direction, to sing in ‘Ah.’

All the music teachers present delivered. You can hear their various voices jumbling with one another in the small conference room as they stand and take the fun musical challenge head-on.

‘Amazing Grace’ is a universally known Christian hymn. Many artists have made a rendition of John Newton’s hymn. Some change a few words to match their feeling in life while others, like this group of teachers, sing it in ‘Ah.’

John Newton wrote his famous hymn after he suffered a nearly tragic event at sea. The rude sailor was in the middle of a strong storm when he decided to look to God.

After that crucial moment at sea, Newton changed his life and dedicated himself to the Christian way. His hymn gives a beautiful message to those who listen, of forgiveness and redemption.

The group of six hundred music teachers did amazingly well for a random rendition of this classical song. The teachers exemplify that anyone can recognize the tune of ‘Amazing Grace’ without even hearing its lyrics.