This Awesome Doctor Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Each New Delivery

There is a doctor in Pittsburgh who isn’t the conventional kind. How is he different? Dr. Carey D. Andrew-Jaja works at the Magee Women’s hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, and he definitely brings a bit of celebration to the magical moment of a baby’s birth. 

Dr. Andrew-Jaja lives his life by the motto, “Confront every encounter with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.” How does this translate in a delivery room? 

New moms and dads have found out the doctor’s mantra through a unique experience. A baby’s birth is a touching moment, overwhelming for new parents who get to see their child for the very first time. As he helps bring the child into the world, he brings his motto into practice. In fact, he hopes to pass on the message to every human he meets or enters this world. 

Guess how he spreads joy? When the baby is born, Dr. Carey and his staff sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for the newborn baby. It is a song that is sung globally on birthdays and celebrates a person’s birthday. What could be more natural and special than to sing this song on a child’s actual birth?

His mantra is shared with the newly born human as they begin their new lives with a song in their hearts. What bonds him to the children is that his song is the first they hear! This tradition started with him but has spread in popularity as new parents, his staff, and the entire delivery room burst into song as they join the loved ones in sharing this special moment.

This is definitely one birthday the parents won’t forget as their baby gets serenaded. Not only does this help form a bond between doctor and baby, but it also helps a bond form with the mother. Usually, a delivery room is somber, waiting for news and this burst of song adds a fun element. Doctors celebrating with the family and being part of the joyful occasion is reflected well with this unusual tradition.