3-Month-Old Baby Girl Gets Glasses. Her Face when She Sees Her Mommy? Priceless.

This is the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen. I started crying because she looked so happy. There is nothing more magical than this.

Her mother says, “Tonight our 3-month-old baby girl tried on her glasses for the first time. At about two months, we started to realize that she couldn’t really see us, wasn’t able to track and had non-stop wandering eyes. “We’ve been seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist who just prescribed her glasses after diagnosing her with severe farsightedness, and astigmatism. So glad we captured this moment on video tonight. We thought it was too cute to not share!”

After a few moments, there’s sudden recognition on this baby girl’s face as she looks up at her mommy’s face like “WOW! Mommy! I see you!” The rest of the video is just them cooing together in bliss. This is such a heartwarming moment.

Many parents take it for granted that their babies will always be able to see them. That’s not always the case, as this video shows, and now that this baby girl can see her mommy, she’s going to be able to take in the rest of the world with a renewed sense of clarity.

Of course, the first question that springs to mind is why a baby might need glasses. Her daddy said that they realized she wasn’t seeing well after about two months and she ultimately was diagnosed with a condition called nystagmus, which combines far-sightedness with astigmatism. The glasses, as you can see, helped correct the situation and she can see much better now. Isn’t she beautiful?