Man gently held a woman on the ice – within seconds the famous dance from ‘Dirty Dancing’ threw everyone to the roof

The classic song from the movie Dirty Dancing, “The Time Of My Life” was performed in many different versions.

At weddings, celebrations and parties, the song pops up from time to time, and once it starts, it can not be ignored..

But we have never seen a dance version of the song such the one you’re about to see, on ice..

Professional ice skaters usually train for many years, and sometimes they train many hours a day, seven days a week to make their dreams come true.

But it’s all worth it when they go out into the arena and the crowd receives them with love and warmth.

And when you see these talented skaters slip to the sound of the song “The Time of My Life” you will get chills!

It feels like only yesterday the speakers started playing this song. “Dirty Dancing” was released more than three decades ago … but the song from the movie, “The Time of My Life” is an eternal one.

The song conquered the charts in 1987 and remained there for a very long time.

Although Stefania and Ondrej no longer skate together, their routine from a few years ago is breathtaking and we can always go back to watching their spectacular dance on the ice.

And that’s why this video has made headlines again and gone viral recently! They are perfect together. With such chemistry on ice, it cannot be ignored