Tiny Dancers Waddle on Stage for Adorable Penguin Performance

Having your child join a dance class can help them make friends, learn a new skill, and have an overall fun time. Dance recitals are the opportunity for them to show off their talent and give parents the chance to see their little star shine.

When Ellen’s parents went to her recital in 2008, they had no idea what to expect. Something magical and mesmerizing was about to take place in front of their eyes. Thankfully, her mom recorded it, and we get in on the action as well.

Ellen’s dance group adorably waddled on stage dressed up as the cutest penguins you’ve ever seen. It may not have been an educational episode on Animal Planet, but it surely made the hearts of the audience melt into puddles.

Performing precious ballet steps and kicks, the girls are perfectly on time. Ellen never misses a beat, even when the music begins to speed up. The cuteness is bursting at the seams, and we can’t get enough of their delightful performance.