Stunning ‘Ave Maria’ by ‘BGT’ young star Cormac Thompson

Some of the most beautiful singing you will ever hear happens during the BBC ‘Young Chorister of the Year.’ The semi-finals featured famous young singer Cormac Thompson.

Cormac auditioned for Series 15 of ‘Britain’s Got Talent at the age of 12. He lives in Lancashire, Northern Ireland. In the BBC competition, Cormac sings ‘Ave Maria.’

The competition is held annually by BBC Songs of Praise and Radio 2. It is broadcast from the stunning Salisbury Cathedral. The beautiful church was formerly the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, located in Salisbury, England.

The audition features only a piano accompanying Cormac, while the stage is elegantly adorned. Cormac wears a chorister robe while standing in the center of the altar of the church.

He hits beautiful sustained notes with a youthful voice that touches hearts. The judges and audience cheer for him when the song concludes with loud applause.

The judges ask Cormac how it felt, and Cormac responds by saying it was very fun. One of the judges says, ‘There was a bell-like clarity to the way you sang Cormac. And what was surprising to me was I thought you made this beautiful sound for the pianos and the mezzo pianos, and then you had this enormous power coming up to the top half Maria. Which I think took everybody in this room by surprise.’

The judges were all very impressed and shocked at Cormac’s impeccable performance. This young talent even has his own album titled ‘Hear My Voice.’ Cormac is a rising star and a fantastic young talent.