Twin sisters who wowed the world with their extraordinary beauty

Twin babies Morgan and Megan Boyd were born with an unusual appearance: their skin is dark and their eyes are blue. The Boyd sisters live in Philadelphia and recently celebrated their ninth birthday. The extraordinary appearance made models of girls. And Megan and Morgan have done well in this area, age-wise.

The twins have long been accustomed to the cameras and have learned to pose. From the age of four, the little Boyds advertise children’s clothes. The twin sisters shoot for the Neon Kisses brand and advertise their own fast-growing clothing line called True Blue Twins.

The girls are sometimes compared to singer Rihanna. As soon as they were born, their mother Stephanie opened an Instagram account for them. The little ones simply fascinated Internet users with their appearance. Today, over 720,000 followers have subscribed to Morgan and Megan’s account.