Dad Reunited With Brother After 12 Years Apart And Daughter’s Camera Caught It All

A man reunited with his brother after the two spent 12 years apart. And the tear-filled moment tugs on all the heartstrings!

This clip will bring out all of the emotions. Someone is videoing while following a man who is going into a restaurant.

It seems like any other evening, however, he goes up to the chef in the restaurant and greets him. The chef comes around the corner and the two grown men embrace and sob in each other’s arms.

The girl who is recording the video shares that the clip is of her father and her uncle. They had not seen each other for 12 whole years. Her uncle moved from Argentina to Spain when he was only 18-years-old.

The uncle now owns a pizzeria and his brother’s family surprised him at his restaurant. The daughter filmed this video as her dad reunited with his brother for the first time in 12 years. The men are unashamedly sobbing tears of joy and holding on to each other after so long. It is a beautiful picture of reunion and family.

This short, yet powerful clip reminds us of how our reunion will be with God one day. As believers, we know that we will be with the Lord again and the troubles of this world will end.

When we see Him face to face, I imagine that there will be tears of great joy and hugs with our Savior Jesus. He has made a way for us to be in Heaven.