Adorable baby wears husky outfit, thinks she’s one of the huskies

With several pets at home, your kid is bound to have playmates all the time. This is especially true if there are several huskies in your house. This was the environment in which little Amelia grew up.

Ever since Amelia was born, she was always surrounded by the three huskies: Nicole, Teddy, and Phil. They started loving her and caring for her from the time she entered the house.

Amelia gradually grew up in their company. She would often dress up as a dog herself and start feeling like a husky. Whenever the three dogs gathered around to have some water from their water bowl, little Amelia would join them.

She would try to have water from the bowl just like her sweet pets. But, unfortunately, she would end up making her face wet. When bored with her pets, Amelia would climb up her father as if she was climbing a mountain.

Amelia would also behave like her pet dogs and play “fetch” with her mother. The child would get a long stick to play the game, but Phil would invariably grab the stick from her tiny hands and break it into small pieces.

Amelia’s mother used a ball to discourage the little girl from playing with a stick, which could be harmful. But, Teddy had other plans for the ball and would refuse to share it with anyone else.

Amelia’s mother would also try and play with her daughter. However, the child was always eager to play with the dogs and act like one herself. They were the center of attraction for Amelia.