Boxer dog becomes the best big brother to newborn baby

Often, when families think about having a child, they’ll first adopt a puppy. They do this as a gentle introduction to raising and determining if children are right for them.

This family got a two-for-one special on this particular day. As they found the perfect dog to adopt, Bruno, they also found out that mom was pregnant—all within the same day.

As overwhelming as it may seem, this was actually the best crash test training course to having a child that they could have had. Bruno even loves bouncing his toys off of the mother’s pregnant belly!

When the baby finally makes his arrival in this family’s world, Bruno immediately knows his role as big brother. Being gentle and caring to his little brother, Bruno is the perfect mate.

These two are indeed a match made in heaven. Playing, snuggling, laughing, and causing trouble together, Bruno and the newborn child have an unbreakable bond that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Bruno absolutely adores his baby brother and is exceptionally gentle with him. Even when riding in the car, Bruno prefers to be in the back seat so he can keep a watchful eye over his baby brother.

The natural instinct of dogs to be caretakers is genuinely amazing to see. Bruno accepts his role as a big brother without hesitation and takes it very seriously.