Cutest baby chef goes viral with his cooking videos

Baby food chef Kobe has already managed to collect about 1.3 million followers on the Instagram social platform. He has almost as much as Guy Fieri! Kobe’s mother said she never imagined that the little chef’s cooking videos would become so popular and go viral.

This little chef is really very charming and beautiful. He wears a red chef’s hat through which his brown hair can be seen. Kobe also has a matching apron. Her smile is truly infectious and you just can’t help but enjoy looking at her.

She talks baby talk as she mixes, eats, stirs and makes samples for a variety of different foods. Kobe loves to watch and help his parents cook and bake. He really gets into it fully, spreading the ingredients into each piece.

At one point, Kobe is standing in front of an entire tray of delicious, fresh chocolate chip cookies while smiling. His facial expressions are a little hysterical as he looks for samples of different foods.

Kobe’s mom Ashley says: “He’s having so much fun doing it and such a great, bubbly personality, I decided to record it all to share with all my friends and family from the start.” Kobe seems to like the camera a lot.

Kobe has even shown his bare stomach and kicked it when he’s happy. Sometimes Kobe leaves the bowl open when he pours in his ingredients as well. His mom sits next to him, off camera, in case anything goes wrong.

According to his parents, Kobe tried more than 100 different foods before he was 1 year old. If he doesn’t like certain foods, he shakes his head from side to side and mumbles some negative words. Kobe’s mother says: “These silly videos we make together turned into something we could never have imagined.”