Absolutely identical triplets. They are already 7 years old: how handsome brothers grow and look

These amazing and different babies were born 7 years ago. At that time, a three-year-old girl was growing up in their family, and the news about the triplets, to put it mildly, confused the future parents. Many scientists from all over the world were also surprised. After all, similar triplets were born. According to statistics, the mother of children, for example, was the only one out of 200 million․

The children, who immediately became a sensation for the Internet and the trick, starred in TV shows, subscribed to magazines, and devoted themselves to the front pages of newspapers. Seeing the unconditional interest of the society towards the children, the parents decided to create a blog about the daily fun and interesting life of a big family! At first it was an experience exchange platform. Over time, all of this began to bring in significant revenue, thanks to partnerships with children’s clothing and toy brands.

Today, 7-year-old celebrities are happy to appear in new costumes to appear in front of the camera and never cease to amaze their loyal customers. It is noteworthy that at first even the mother could not distinguish between Roman, Rouan and Rocco. But over time, that became easier for him. The boys had completely different personalities.

Roman was considered the firstborn by birth. He is the oldest and heaviest of the three brothers. After the birth of the first, the boy feels his responsibility towards Roan and Rocco! Rooney stands out for his prudent and modest approach to everything. Before saying anything, the boy thinks about it several times and then expresses his thoughts. Well, Junior Rocco is in constant motion and is considered the main aggressor of the family! He can not sit still and always wants to look for new adventures.

The boys liked their older sister very much, who is also a very authoritative and caring nanny for her brothers. The children are already attending school. I only sympathize with their teachers. After all, it is not easy to distinguish three outwardly similar children who even wear the same clothes. Surprisingly, the parents of the trio did not live together for a long time.

One day, when he was tired of diapers and lack of sleep, the father of the family decided to separate from the family for a while. The man was so depressed and stressed by the lack of sleepless nights that he had to file for divorce. His current ex-wife had to raise three children alone. She did not hold back from her husband and did not expect help from him for a long time.