‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’ in tears from artist who uses sand to tell a story

In this clip from ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent,’ a young artist named Kseniya Simonova performs an incredible live sand art spectacle. A candle is lit, and soft music begins to play. Through the use of sand and her hands, the young woman tells a story. Her moving artwork is projected on a large screen behind her.

A cello plays a melody as she draws a long path leading to a church. People are shown sitting on a park bench. Then, she smears the couple and draws a woman’s face crying.

German troops are shown in sand art attacking Russia while war music plays. The moon is drawn and becomes the face of a baby. A crying woman’s face is replaced with happiness at the sight of her child.

She returns to a face drawing of a woman holding a letter. She turns the woman’s face old while still holding the letter. She sprinkles more sand to make a tower appear with a few swipes of her hand.

Some soldiers are shown who didn’t make it back from the war. The audience is visibly moved by the imagery, along with the judges. The scenes are beautiful, and they blend together through her careful technique.

A woman is seen looking through a window as the orchestral music plays Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters.’ The woman sees a man behind a window while she holds a child up so he can see.

Simonova writes, ‘You’re Always Near’ and follows it with drawing ‘1945.’ The subtitles let us know the significance of 1945 as they read, “The year of the end of the great patriotic war.’ Simonova blows out the candle as the song ends, and the audience responds with love and a standing ovation.