Sweet Little Girl Sings Annie Musical Tomorrow on Israel’s Got Talent

Just when you were thinking about what could be better worked out than the little girl who sang the song “Tomorrow”, thanks to the talent acquired by Israel, her younger sister ran to greet her. The sweet moment came in 2018, the judges melted away from his speech.

Young singer Laya Alice took the stage to perform a classical song with the Ani ensemble. Her beautiful, distinctive voice made the judges smile and smile, and her family proudly listened and watched her performance.

Throughout the performance, Laia’s little sister could only be seen smiling from the stage. When the song came to an end, three of the judges, like most of those present, stopped the young singer. When asked how he felt at that moment, Laya only said “excited”.

He ran to Laia and immediately hugged her when the audience applauded and just rejoiced. Do you want to kill us? One of the judges asked, referring to how pleasant and memorable that moment was.

The shy and excited singer was performing a beautiful song from The Musical |: The children were able to acquire a unique talent.