Funny Bulldog with the most unique eyebrows does the craziest zoomies

There are some dogs that seem to be at their best when they are out for a walk or sniffing their favorite food. As they spend time with their loved ones, these innocent beings are generally in a very high mood.

The same thing happened with the English Bulldog named Madame Aibrose, who lived with her loving and caring owner, Yanina, in Germany. However, the expression on his face said something completely different. This cute and funny dog has managed to gain an army of online fans thanks to his carefree look and facial expression.

Madame Ebus mostly always looked rude and seemed to have had a bad day. The bulldog had large markings above the eyes that were the same color as the eyebrows. The position was such that the face became gloomy.

The bulldog’s owner, Yanina, nicknamed her “Madame Airbrows” because of her eyebrows. He adopted her when she was 3 months old. The charming and beautiful kitten looked extremely funny and funny. Yanina fell in love with eyebrows from the moment she met her.

Madame Abroise’s mother also had a Labrador, Luna, before she adopted him. The family wasn’t too sure if they could have anything to do with Bulldog either. The Labrador wasn’t a big fan of his new sister, but they soon became close and loved playing together.

Madame Abrose is now considered the princess of the house and a fun and interesting character. He slept in extremely strange positions. However, when the dog was not sleeping, he did the most crazy things to entertain and make his mother happy.

Madame Abrose was a friendly and happy dog who loved to socialize and was extremely kind to others. He was always wagging his tail. And it didn’t really matter if she didn’t look that way, because the people who played with her knew very well that she was a nice little woman.