Woman uses her money to reunite vets with their retired military K9s

There are hundreds of dogs that serve with US military forces in foreign countries. They are assigned to those clerks who constantly support and take care of the dogs. The main goals of dogs are different. For example, some are responsible for searching for bombs, chasing people. Some are being trained to carry out rescue missions.

Taylor, a Labrador Retriever, was one of the service dogs working with the United States military. She was fondly called Princess Taylor or Tay-Tay. He had served twice in Afghanistan and was doing so well that the Taliban captured Tay-Tay.

However, it was time for Taylor to retire from his military life and lead a more peaceful life. Therefore, these dogs are given for adoption only after retirement. The first on the list are usually the handlers with whom the dogs have spent their entire service life. Unfortunately, such reunions are not as simple as they may sound.

The logistics involved in moving ex-service dogs to their loved ones can be very expensive. However, unfortunately, veterans often cannot get enough money. That’s where Molly Oliver comes in. She was an experienced United Airlines flight attendant with a kind and caring heart.

He loved dogs and the US military who ensured their freedom for the citizens of the United States. Thus, he believed that he was uniting former service dogs with their handlers. He had done this about four times on his account. Thanks to that, Oliver became a hero of experienced and recognized soldiers.

He supported and arranged for Tay-Tay to be escorted to the first-class cabin so that he could be reunited with his former clerk, Sergeant Tom Hanson. All the while, Serge Anton was waiting extremely anxiously at Boise airport. He had managed to save Taylor from bullets and shelling. In response, the dog smelled bombs and found them under the soldier’s feet.

After only two years apart, Taylor and Sergeant Hanson finally meet and reunite at the airport. The dog rushed to his clerk, unable to contain his happiness and enthusiasm. The soldier also gave Oliver a big hug to thank him for everything he had done for him and Tay-Tay.