16-year-old girl’s song “Still in Love” effortlessly earns 2.8 million vews

16-year-old Camille K recently managed to surprise and impress the AGT judges with her original song “Still in Love” during the recent AGT concerts. First, however, the beautiful and distinctive singer was given a second chance to perform a piece of original music by Simon Cowell.

The singer told the AGT audience that she came to the show because she wanted to perform the music and impress everyone. So he began his rendition of Phineas’s “Let us fall into the love of the night.”

However, the singer and guitarist had only reached the 1 minute performance when Simon Cowell asked her to stop singing. The media mogul told the judge that the song is quite good and impressive and that she has a very beautiful voice.

However, her only issue was that Simon wanted Camille to do something unique, making her stand out. Simon further asked Camille if she had ever tried writing her own songs.

That’s when the AGT contestant told the judges about her song, “Still in Love,” which was written when she went through a heartbreak. After the song performance, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum gave the youngster a standing ovation, which moved the teenager to tears.

Now it was obvious that the judges were quite impressed. Cowell also added: “I think, as with all artists, it’s about finding that song that defines you. And moving forward, if you move forward, that’s the key.”

Vergara further added, “I thought your voice was more than beautiful. I thought it was spectacular.” The judges (Howie Mandel was not present) gave her 3 “Yeses,” advancing her to the next round of the competition.