Watch This 17-Month-Old Prodigy Perform ‘Amazing Grace’ With The Poise and Charm of A Seasoned Pro

Children these days do not usually get to spend a lot of time with their parents. Parents have to spend so much time at work and running errands that they are too busy to simply be parents. This video is a touching reminder of how great kids will turn out if parents put out the effort to spend more time with them.

This video begins with an adorable little girl standing alone and then the voice of her dad is heard asking her if she can sing “Amazing Grace.” Amazing is probably the only word appropriate for what comes out of this girl’s mouth.

At the age of only 17 months the child, named Maya, has the poise and charm of a seasoned pro. As she sings, Maya looks directly at the camera and even gestures to make her performance more exciting. She doesn’t miss a word of the song and, more impressively, sticks to the melody as if she’s been singing for years.

At the conclusion of this marvelous song her father asks her to sing the “Alphabet Song.” Maya begins again without a second’s hesitation. While Maya was able to sing Amazing Grace beautifully, she had some trouble with the alphabet. While she did a great job, it was amusing to hear her sing “k – k – m – o – p.” Despite her mishap Maya is still quite pleased with herself.

Maya also sings “You and My Sunshine,” starts counting in Spanish, and even solves a few math problems in the video. This little girl is brilliant! How many of could do math at 17 months old?

The sweetest moment occurs at the very end of her “show.” Maya gives the sweetest “goodbye” and ”I love you” to all the viewers. Her pretty smile melted my heart.