Baby Has Priceless Reaction To Aunt’s Surprise Gift

Watch this baby’s priceless reaction toward his aunt’s surprise gift for him. He probably has not spoken yet, but he surely knows how to show appreciation for a present given to him.

Ashlyn McCullum, the young boy’s aunt, posted on Rumble how her nephew, Levi, reacted when she handed him her special and personalized gift. Rumble is an app where one can upload videos, gain followers, and eventually earn from these uploads.

The ‘unboxing’ or should I say, ‘revelation’ of the gift was indeed dramatic. His excited aunt handed him the paper bag, and this cute tot dressed in a green Santa romper pulled out the paper fillers inside. Ashlyn helped him get the stuff out of the bag, and she stood up and held the blanket for him to see what was printed on it.

When Levi saw his picture with his aunt printed on it, he immediately hugged her. Ashlyn’s heart surely melted that moment. It was his spontaneous reaction that touched her. It was not only a heart-warming moment, but it would make one want to hug this beautiful baby for his pure love. Cuteness overload indeed!

This tiny sweetheart showed her that he loved her a lot! Guess that gift was far too precious than anything Levi could ever have because it was a gift from his aunt’s loving heart. Great job to Ashlyn for unconditionally loving Levi, which was reciprocated with the sweetest and most priceless reaction.