AGT Anniversary Moment: 12-year-old Darci Lynne sings her way to a Golden Buzzer

When 12-year-old Darchy Lynn took to the stage at America’s Got Talent a few years ago, she received some support from her boyfriend. Cinnamon brought Petunia with him to his ventricle’s nest so he could entertain the judges and all the audience.

When Simon greeted him, Cinnamon laughed nervously at him. Simon asked ․ Cinnamon and Petunia look at each other with a slightly angry face, and those present are just laughing.

Simon asked them why they both decided to enter the show at the same time. She tells him that it was one of his big dreams and he really wanted to keep ventriculosis alive because it was not commonplace.

What happened next just shocked and astonished everyone. Cinnamon and Petunia started singing the beautiful performance of “Summertime”. It seems that his mouth is completely closed during the whole singing, his voice is just admirable.

Those present were simply amazed, and Cinnamon was still going on. Doll Petunia steals the show, but Cinnamon tries to open his mouth and has a piece in the middle. Petunia can not have any of that when he puts his foot in Cinnamon’s mouth.

The audience and the judges stood up so that he would not even finish his property. Judge Mel B. said: You just shone, I try to describe every body, how amazing and different it was. ”

He paused for a moment and said: “You know what?” He jumps up and hits the Golden Buzzer. Cinnamon cries when it rains on the stage in the form of candy! His mother is crying in the backstage, and his father is smiling at the audience. His mother wants to go up on stage to hug him and they will cry together. The father said. “I wish I was there with my mother.” Cinnamon continued and was able to win the 12th season of “AGT”.