19-Year-Old In Tears Upon Hearing Late Friend’s Voice In A Teddy Bear

A grieving loved one could probably give anything in the world just to hear the voice of a deceased friend or family member again. This 19-year-old was in tears upon receiving a custom-made teddy bear with her best friend’s voice recording.

Taylor McCormack received a precious Christmas gift from her younger sister Maddie. Maddie got her a cute, fluffy brown teddy bear in a white tee. Taylor opened the box and picked up her brown teddy, unaware that there was more to it than meets the eye. Maddie then asked her to press the stuffed animal’s hand. She got the biggest surprise of her life when she heard the voice of Rodney, her best buddy. Rodney reportedly died from drowning in a canal in Manchester, England, last 2020.

This grieving friend broke down in tears the moment she heard her friend’s voice. Maddie saved a video of Rodney and used the clip as a recorded voice for Taylor’s teddy bear.

The best buds met at Cecil Jones Academy in Southend-on-Sea. They remained close even when Rodney moved to another place. She was devastated when her friend passed on and has had a hard time moving on. But, through this gift, she is comforted to have “a piece of Rodney” everywhere she goes.

Big thanks to Maddie and other people who help grieving loved ones move forward. Their unconditional love and support give them chances to adjust, grow, and embrace their lives with renewed hope and peace.