Twins Have Fun With Their Pacifiers

Babies are sent on earth to make people smile. Twins are double the joy, the fun, and the smiles. Twins can be a handful to take care of, and anyone volunteering to help is welcomed with open arms. There is plenty of dirty laundry, nappies, bibs, and bottles to be taken care of.

The pleasure of watching these babies as they grow is heart-warming, and if you get a chance to watch them play, you will be amazed. In the video linked below, twins are taking a bath together, supported by a basket. It is so cute to see that the two are playing an exciting game. The twins try and grab each other’s pacifiers from the other mouth.

The baby on the right goes first, but it’s not long before the baby on the left grabs the pacifier of the baby on the right. He then puts the pacifier in his mouth. His mom says, ”good job Simon” and laughs and then gasps, “Oh O” when his brother grabs it back. The mom names their game “Binkie Wars.” This viral video has been watched over 66 million times!