Four-Month-Old Baby Singing Along Will Make You Laugh Or Cry

A loving grandmother starts learning a few chords for the Karen Carpenter song ‘I Know I Need To Be In Love’ but evokes the cutest reaction from her four-month-old granddaughter. The little one starts to try and sing too.

Four-month-old baby Adler is trying her best to make her mouth mimic the shapes she sees her grandmother “doing” as she sings ‘I Know I Need To Be In Love.’ The cutie is clearly smitten with music and captivated by her caring elder.

How could one not take the time to sing when the reaction is as adorable as this tiny tot? She is sure to be an entertainer by the time she grows up if this baby girl continues practicing singing from such a young age.

She may not be able to get the sounds right, but that doesn’t stop the fascinated four-month-old from having the time of her life. If singing is this fun already, just imagine how much joy it’ll bring by the time she is older.