She Knows All Our Favorite Songs! This Little Girl Is Ready For The Big Stages

“Amazing Grace” is one of those hymns that just never gets old. And it seems like this toddler has gained an early appreciation for the 18th-century classic.

All dad has to do is give 17-month-old Maya a gentle push for the toddler to launch into an impassioned performance. And her resulting private show is truly “amazing.”

As the fearless tot sings directly to the camera, we’re taken aback by her confidence and composure. With natural talent like that, this little girl certainly has a bright future in the entertainment business.

But that’s not all, as Maya launches into some of her other favorites after letting the last note of “Amazing Grace” ring out. When your repertoire consists of chart-toppers like “The Alphabet Song” and “You Are My Sunshine,” what else could a girl need?