The U.S Army Chorus performs “Not While I’m Around”

Stephen Sondheim was considered a titan in the Broadway world. Chorus of the United States Army wanted to pay tribute to this amazing and wonderful lyricist and composer by performing a song for one of his shows.

They chose the song “Not While I’m Around” from the popular Broadway show Sweeney Todd. The show was later made into a kinetic film starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.

The four gentlemen perfectly harmonize the song with soothing words of comfort. Looking up at the laurels in their dress uniforms, they cried their hearts out on stage.

Each man from the army quartet had his own characteristic and unique voice. The tallest of the group led the others in performing the verses. Other voices accompanied him in the chorus.

One of the men’s bass turned out to be so amazing and beautiful that many fans couldn’t even notice it. They were all quite calm on stage. It’s not hard to see that they loved singing all together.

The way these people work together to bring wonderful and wonderful music to our ears is simply a tribute to the Army’s teaching of teamwork. This quartet should be a force on the field as it is on stage!

This beautiful tribute to a beloved Broadway composer shows how much the Army values this art form. The US Army Corps is so talented; they should be playing another Broadway tune very soon!