‘The Thanksgiving Song’ Cover By The Petersens Is Just Perfect For This Season Of Gratitude

Ben Rector’s “The Thanksgiving Song” covered by The Petersens is the perfect gift for all of us at this special time of the year.

Turkey, egg nog, and of course this cover by The Petersens gives us all a head-start on Thanksgiving.

Ben Rector is the songwriter behind “The Thanksgiving Song” and through this song he reminds us that some things will never change in our lives even as the world has become upside down.

Thanksgiving is here again, and it’s a holiday that reminds us of being grateful and thankful to God even in the midst of every situation.

We are reminded of a poignant truth that although Christmas hasn’t arrived yet, but Thanksgiving is here, and we must savor the beauty and comfort of these holidays.

Today as The Petersens perform their own take on this song we are reminded of the importance of thanking God for His mercy and goodness together as a family during Thanksgiving and other times as well.