Singing sensation does Dolly proud with ‘I Will Always Love You’

Nick Pitera has a unique and exciting vocal range. While he’s a baritone, he can still hit notes well into the soprano vocal range. His ability to cover every vocal part in any song has made him a YouTube sensation.

In this performance, he tackles the iconic Dolly Parton’s song ‘I Will Always Love You.’ You can just hear Whitney singing through him if you close your eyes.

Nick is dressed in a collared shirt, wearing headphones in a recording booth. He swells with volume into each big note, and his soulful take is fantastic. He pours his emotion into the lyrics.

It is hard to believe his incredible range. Nick easily hits the highest notes of the song. More impressive is how well he conveys the soul of the music. He is channeling Whitney Houston through this performance.

After a YouTube video called ‘One Man Disney Movie’ featured him in separate blocks singing all the characters to each Disney song, Nick went viral. He was the hero, the villain, and the sidekicks all rolled into one.

He also created a video where he sang ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin. The astounding part was that Nick sang Aladdin’s role, along with Jasmine’s role too! His talent is unparalleled.

His unreal female falsetto voice is full-bodied and robust. It truly makes you believe you are hearing a female singer. Nick blurs the lines by performing each part perfectly for his fans.