Incredibly Talented Choir Creates Rain And Thunder On Italy’s Got Talent

It was a real treat for viewers of Italy’s Got Talent when the Italian choir, Cord Divertimento Vocale created thunderstorm live on the stage using their incredible skills.

Cord Divertimento Vocale is packed full of talented people and this group is truly different from the rest of the performers.

A clip of their awe-inspiring performance of them standing on stage for their audition on Italy’s Got Talent is winning many hearts of social media users online. Just watch as soon as the audition begins how they all use their voice and body to create sounds from nature.

These men and women are using their bodies naturally to produce sounds of rain, thunder, and sunshine which transformed the ambiance of the place and made it seem like it was really thundering and raining.

It was a completely different performance by any group before on this platform and by the look on the faces of the judges and audience, we can see how much they have enjoyed it.