Mama Husky is a perfect cuddle pillow for a sleeping baby

Huskies make lovely family pets as they are very tolerant of children. Siberian Huskies do get along very quickly with humans and can socialize well. Recently, one dog owner shared a few moments where his dog lovingly interacted with their cute daughter, Daisy.

Daisy and Millie were resting side by side on the bed. The little baby girl looked at her pet dog and mimicked the Husky, sticking her tongue out. The gentle giant responded to the baby by grooming her.

After a while, the adorable Husky gently buried her face near the baby. The little one was very excited about the dog being so close. She continued to mimic her playmate and entertained her parents.

The baby looked very comfortable around her beautiful furry friend and enjoyed the company of the gentle giant cuddling with her. The beautiful Husky behaved as if she was the little girl’s mama.

She cuddled with the baby girl and was very protective of her. Even the baby mimicked the Husky and had her tongue sticking out most of the time like a little puppy.

The little girl’s father asked her if she was a Husky. To which Daisy responded by cutely sticking her tongue out. Then she looked at her furry friend sleeping right next to her.

Daisy’s father then held her tiny hand and guided her to pet the dog’s head. The little girl then started to talk to her father in her own language and got pretty excited. A few moments later, the Husky was found sleeping on her back and closely rested bedside, her human playmate.