3 Months old Amazing baby talking…Such a cute babyVIDEO

It is even possible that there is no longer a long-awaited and long-awaited event for parents than a surprising period when the child is already beginning to utter his first words. Trembling and endless tenderness envelops the heart when the first cherished and awaited “mother” is heard. However, it is the development of a child’s speech that can cause some fears and trials in adults.

Too often when talking to friends and discussing questions, paying attention to children on the playground, listening to some adult stories, young parents may notice that their child is not yet speaking or comparatively speaking less than other children. From what age does the child start talking, especially what should be paid attention to, if there is no word from the child, why do some children start talking a little later? We will tell you about it in our article.

As soon as he turns one year old, the child starts making gestures, which he uses in certain cases. he nods his head in agreement with something, shakes it from the side as a sign of denial, shakes my hand when I meet and say goodbye. This is how boys and girls develop non-verbal communication, which is part of speech development.

A year later, the period of expansion and rapid development of the baby’s vocabulary begins. Every day the parents can hear more and more new words and sound signals from the child, sometimes it is understandable only for him. Often the child says that only the first part of the word is omitted or some parts of it are replaced. At this age, boys and girls are able to respond to the simple requests of adults, respond to them with gestures or, as parents like to say, “in their own language.”