A Whale named Tina literally has the biggest crush on male zookeeper

You have probably often heard a number of stories about how animals can fall in love with people who love and care for them. It’s time for you to witness all that with your own eyes. Such a case was seen recently in an aquarium found in South Korea.

Tina, the beluga whale, just fell in love with a certain man living in the aquarium. Tina, like people, was jealous of any worker who would even suddenly stand next to the man she loved. One day he happened to see a female worker standing next to the man she loved. Out of jealousy, Tina spits water in the direction of the female.

According to the male employee, Tina was a little upset because her favorite male zookeeper was not paying any attention to her. Although he was jealous of Tina from time to time, he was quite a toy. She was hopelessly kissing her beloved man. If another zookeeper had asked for a kiss, Tina would have simply ignored the request and focused on the man she loved.

When Tina first came to the aquarium, it was quite difficult for her to adapt to the new environment. However, his favorite zoo supported him a lot and paid him a lot of attention. This is actually why Tina obeyed him more than the others.

Whenever she saw another man near her pool, Tina, in her usual fashion, simply ignored it and went back into the water. He never allowed any conversation between him and any other man. Instead, he silently and submissively waited for the man.

On the other hand, there were also male whales who were simply in love with Tina. However, he paid too much attention to the male whales. The two male whales interacted with the female workers like humans. They made the female zoos understand in their own way that they loved Tina too much.

Since Tina was not very fond of her male counterparts, she was kept and cared for in a separate pool. The zookeepers were very afraid that if they were kept in a separate place for a long time, the males would deprive them of their pod. They really wanted the male whales and Tina to be together as soon as possible. Zoos encouraged them to play together. However, Tina had a little trouble adjusting to the male whales. Nevertheless, the zookeepers cherished the hope that everything would be fine soon.