Two Sisters Sing Mind-Blowing Cover Of ‘When You Believe’ By Whitney Houston And Mariah Carey

Sisters Lucy Thomas and Martha Thomas sing a beautiful cover of ‘When You Believe’ from The Prince Of Egypt.

The song was originally sung by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey for the 1998 film, “The Prince of Egypt.”

The words were written by Stephen Schwartz for the soundtrack of the film. “When You Believe” won the Academy Award For the best original song.

The Prince of Egypt is an adaptation of the Biblical story of the Exodus. “When You Believe” is sung in the film by characters Tzipporah and Miriam, and a chorus of people fleeing Egypt to the Red Sea and the Promised Land.

The people recall tough times that have caused them to question their own faith: they have prayed for many nights to God, but those prayers have seemed to remain unanswered, and now they wonder if their faith has been only a waste of time.

But the main characters realize that through the difficult times, their faith should remain strong.

Whitney Houston sang in a church choir while growing up, and Mariah Carey had always connected to her faith through music, especially during any difficult times.

Both singers were interested in this project because they felt spreading faith in God was an important and honorable aspect of their career.

Houston said in an interview about the song: A powerful ballad; [songwriter] Stephen Schwartz is a genius. You have to be a child of God to understand the depth of this song. Mariah and I did it as we felt it. We both felt very connected to the song because of our background. What can I say? (It is) Just a beautiful song. What a lyric! I can’t talk about it—just listen to it.

Today as we hear this heartwarming cover by sisters Lucy Thomas, 17, and Martha Thomas, 11, we are touched by their harmonious voices and God-given talent.