Kids try snacks from the 80s, and their reactions are priceless

This hilarious video features kids trying food from the 80s. It’s been decades since big hair and junk food ruled the roost, and kids’ food has changed quite a bit.

The host asked one of the children how old they would be if they were born in the 80s, and one of them replied: “800 million and 5 years old.” These kids definitely didn’t know what they were in for because the 80’s had some of the most iconic delicacies that were extremely imaginative and in high demand.

Kids start with fudge-covered Twinkies! A child suddenly exclaimed. “Oh, there’s grease inside!” These tasty treats attracted almost all the children in the video. You may remember the original Twink and his famous yellow cake. However, this version kicks it up a notch by coating it completely in chocolate.

Next, the kids sample ‘Planters Cheez Balls’. These dishes were at the core of the original cheek to grace the supermarket aisles in the 80s. Everyone’s fingers were turning orange because they love this kind of recognizable treat.

Kids are introduced to the ‘Triple Power Push Pop.’ This large lollipop lets you choose one of three flavors by pushing up the plastic slide to reveal the candies of your choice. One of the kids thinks it would be good to dip in ketchup, and the producers let him try it for sure, and he loves it too much.

The next meal is a drink called “Original New York Seltzer”. A child said: “It’s very messy.” He decides to shake the bottle instead of drinking. It sprinkles almost the entire library and also the child.

Finally, the children tried ‘Melody Pops Whistle’. This is the magic lollipop that can let you play a tune. The host encourages the kids to play it, and they add special videos and 80s ballad music. The sweet sounds don’t quite remind you of Bon Jovi, but they do bring back some fond memories of great ’80s food.