Border Collie dazzles with dog tricks unseen before

Amber and her Dancing Collies brought chills and Grease Lightning to Britain’s Got Talent as the talented human and pup duo took to the stage for an electrifying dance performance.

Performing to hit Grease soundtrack number, “You’re The One That I Want,” both Amber and her well-trained collie Nymeria would dawn matching flush pink and black attire to contrast the famous film.

Amber plays the role of Danny Zuko as she wears a dashing black and pink jacket reminiscent of the leather jacket worn by the male lead. Nymeria takes on the part of the fabulous Sandy Olsson.

Britain’s Got Talent crowd felt the performance as cheers could be heard. At the same time, both performers danced their hearts out, backdropped by a wonderfully pink vehicle that genuinely helped set the Grease mood.

At one point, both Amber and Nymeria would begin to jump rope together in almost perfect unison, getting the crowd on their feet before being joined by the show’s hosts, who couldn’t get enough of the adorable pup.

Judge Simon Cowell would reveal that his son would show disappointment that Amber and Nymeria hadn’t initially made it through. Still, Simon would come around and admit that both Amber and Nymeria could win the whole thing.

Feeling nothing but praise from the judges, Amber and Nymeria felt the love for their exhilarating performance that puts them together on a whole new level of cuteness and skill.