10 darling toddlers wibble-wobble in a princeless penguin parade

Children are capable of being as devoted as adults to a good and just cause. How to dress up and educate us about the penguin. Yes, penguins!

It’s time for everyone to learn and learn about penguins! Ellen and some of her classmates dress up in fake tuxedos in order to teach people a little about the wandering, flightless, cold-climate birds.

And boy, is there much to wander around. It is the main and main part of the whole presentation. But it’s a long song and there’s only so much rambling you can do, so․

The band pulled some moves you wouldn’t expect from penguins. However, there were very few alternative options. So we have to sacrifice realism for novelty. The heavy lifting is mostly done with a meaningful song.

One must admire and be proud of the dedication of the performers. Some of them have been wandering around for quite some time after the song ended, and it’s time for the curtain call.

And just like that, some young children are able to do a good job of teaching us about a bird they have never met in their lifetime. A developing and brilliant mind is simply wonderful.