Tiny ballerina’s loveable ‘cupid’ dance steals hearts

Prepare for ten-foot-tall talent crammed into a package that stands about three feet tall. This 6-year-old is a titan in a tutu when she is on the stage.

At the time of this performance, little Natasha Furman was only six years of age. After you see her dance, you’ll agree that her talent is years ahead.

As one person remarked, many girls begin ballet at an early age, but they rarely get this good at Natasha’s age. We’re inclined to agree.

You can’t help but notice that there’s more to Natasha’s performance than technique and routine. There’s a spark of life in every step, as she has put her heart and soul into this dance.

This carries over into when she’s finally finished and she’s leaning against her mother, breathing heavily. That wasn’t just physical exertion. That was raw passion at work on the stage.

Even more precious is the look on her face when she receives high marks for her performance from the judges. Apparently, they could see how much went into her dancing.