13-year-old girl’s beachside violin performance inspires onlooker to dance

Karolina Protsenko’s unbelievable talent for playing the violin is on display for the world to see. She loves sharing her music so much that she often gives impromptu concerts.

In this video, Karolina sets up at Venice Beach, quickly drawing a crowd. With a glowing smile on her face, she begins to play a cover of Alan Walker’s “Darkside.”

A little boy holding his stuffed horse is so mesmerized by Karolina that he sits himself down on top of her speaker to watch her. The crowd has all pulled out their phones.

Nobody wants to miss the incredible music Karolina is sharing with them. They, in turn, want to share with everyone they know. No doubt, she was a top trending video that day!

Her performance was so inspiring that one man put down his phone so he could dance. The utter joy on his face as he spun around was so beautifully moving.

Karolina’s graceful moves, accentuated by her flowing dress, speak volumes about her artistry. Her gift is an inspiration to so many, and it is such a blessing that she chooses to share it.

Venice Beach is the perfect backdrop for Karolina Protsenko’s violin concert. Her beautiful music was the ultimate way for the crowd to enjoy a sunset moment by the sparkling ocean.