French teen girl controls the room singing Dolly’s megahit

One of the best bands I’ve ever heard of is a talented and different girl.

Whitney Houston’s beautiful song “I Will Always Love You” must be one of the most beautiful, powerful and romantic ballads ever written.

And it sounds even more unique with a French accent.

This is The Voice France and now you are 17-year-old Sonya Kusada.

A tenager with talent so much bigger than her.

Sonyan is a high school student from Perpinyan. He was interested in economics and social sciences, but with the way things are going for him, it seems that his music career is in business.

She took singing and dancing lessons while trying to learn how to master various musical instruments.

During the blind audits, Sonya decided to join Florent Pagni’s team. “I just could not believe my eyes when I saw that he turned around.”

Pagny is a French singer-songwriter, musician and actor.

The man records all his work in French and other languages, such as Italian, Spanish and English.