Mom Starts Screaming As She Finds Out Her Triplets Are Pregnant At The Same Time

A set of triplets are pregnant at the same time, making their bond even closer. They are all thrilled, along with their other family members, about the news of these pregnancies.

Gina Purcell, Nina Rawlings-Tran, and Victoria Brown are all 35 years old and from California. They each be welcoming a new baby by the end of this year. It will be Nina’s first child, Victoria’s second, and Gina’s third. Victoria is having a baby boy in July, Nina is also having a boy in August, and Gina will be having a baby girl in November.

The triplets, who were born four minutes apart with Gina being the eldest, were so overjoyed when they found out this exciting news.

“I was the last to get pregnant,” shared Gina. “So when I announced it at Easter dinner, my sisters started screaming and crying right away. My mom kept saying ‘No way, no way! What?! Are you serious?’ We were over the moon and so excited because we really didn’t think it would ever happen.”

This pregnancy news was an answered prayer for Gina and her husband Paul, who experienced a tragic miscarriage in the past.

“With my miscarriage, we leaned a lot on our faith in God and that’s what got us through,” shared Gina. “We’ve always talked about having a third baby but just didn’t think it was in the plan for us.”

So once Gina did find out that she was pregnant at the same time as her sisters, she couldn’t think of anything better.

“This pregnancy has been a huge blessing,” she said. “At first, I was super nervous of course to even tell anyone, but as time went on and we passed all the prenatal tests, I’m now able to enjoy it more. And when this happened so easily and quickly, we knew it was worth the wait, especially to experience it with my sisters.”

Gina shared about how incredible it has been to have her sisters to lean on and be in this pregnancy journey together.

“I was always the one giving advice because I was the first to have kids, but since my kids are 8 and 5, it’s been a few years. So Nina sends me all the latest tech stuff to have for the baby and Victoria reminds me of little things that I’ve forgotten,” she explained. “I also give them advice from what I do remember. It’s an incredible support system to have for sure.”

With these three cousins being born so close together, they will have quite a special bond, just like their mothers do.

“Being pregnant in itself is a blessing,” shared Nina. “So, being able to share this with your best friends is just surreal.”

May God continue to bless this loving family and the new babies that these sisters will be welcoming into the world so soon!