3 Brothers Coming Home from School Get the Sweetest Greeting from Baby Sister Every Day

Every day when these three brothers are coming home from school, their baby sister, Emmy, is waiting for them. And the little girl’s greeting for her big brothers is easily the most heart-melting thing you’ll see all day!

During the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many schools switched to virtual learning. That way, kids could stay home and attend their classes through the computer.

So, for 18-month-old Emelia “Emmy” Muddamalle, the youngest of four kids, her siblings were always at home with her.

Then, schools began returning to in-person learning. This meant Emmy’s three brothers, 10-year-old Liam, 8-year-old Levi, and 6-year-old Lucas, were suddenly leaving the house every day.

“She never experienced her brothers gone,” mom Brittany Muddamalle explained.

To a little one like Emmy, it probably feels like her brothers are gone forever. There is a lot of time to fill before they are coming home from school.

So, with this “new normal” in place, Emmy finds herself looking forward to her brothers’ return each day.

It’s a pretty big adjustment for Emmy to have her brothers gone. She finds herself eagerly awaiting their return.

“They’re pretty close,” Brittany said. “With [Emmy], they just dote on her. They put her on their backs for piggy rides. They just do everything with her all day long, so when they were gone, she literally was like ‘What am I supposed to do?’”

That means the boys coming home from school is a big event — one filled with so much joy and excitement!

“It’s such a sweet little family moment,” mom explained.

Brittany Muddamalle filmed what it is like when Liam, Levi, and Lucas get back home. Emmy runs out to meet them, squealing with delight. And the boys are just as excited to see her!

It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But something tells me this precious girl has always been this sweet to her brothers. The love these siblings have for each other just warms the heart!

Not surprisingly, when Brittany shared the video of the kids coming home from school on social media, it became a viral hit!

Emmy’s and the boys’ wholesome reactions are sweet enough on their own. But what makes it even more heartwarming is that Brittany says this takes place every single day when the boys are coming home from school.