So sweet Priceless reaction to daddy blowing the candless out is giving a lot of smile

Fatherly love, like motherly love, is essential for the normal and regular development of every child. A certain lack of attention from the mother or father can lead to abnormal behavior and disrupt the child’s behavior. After all, it depends on both parents how the child will be brought up and raised properly. And despite the fact that in real life the main link in education and upbringing is the mother, in any case, the man must be involved in this process and always remain a careful, caring father.

Both female and male influences are needed for the regular development and stable state of mind of children. The mother educates the child by instilling kindness in him, so that the child has humanistic traits in the future. And like the formation of purposefulness, perseverance, courage – all this is the mission of the father. The pope’s tendency to oppress and democratize the child is shaped by the child’s positive self-esteem.

However, certain prohibitions by the father work only against paternal love. And the sons of very cruel fathers are naturally deprived of kindness and compassion. A father’s love for his child gives a special feeling of emotional and psychological well-being, he teaches his son and daughter how a man should show love for his children, wife, and the environment.