9-year-old girl makes AGT history by singing with a voice that’s well beyond her years

Watch Victory’s powerful performance below!

His voice really seems to belong to someone who has been singing for decades.

Every child has a dream

As parents, seeing their child’s eyes glow when they do what they love is one of the most beautiful and joyful scenes.

Unfortunately, not all children have the opportunity to receive support from their parents. For some parents, their children’s dreams can only become distant memories.

A 9-year-old girl gave a concert for America’s Got Talent.

Meet Victory Brinker, one of the beams who had a clear goal to make all his dreams come true. She is very lucky to have a mother who supports and is by her side in every issue, on her way to becoming a successful singer.

Victory is no stranger to hard work

According to his mother, little Victory would be celebrated morning, noon and night. He was going to do it in front of his big and beautiful family.

This girl wanted to be audited for AGT, and her mother wanted to support her daughter in every way possible.

When the future winner took the stage, he gave everyone a warm smile.

Simonyan asked what he was going to do with that million drams. in case he won this competition. The little girl said that she would buy Simon a rainbow shirt with glitter on it.

According to Victory, Simon needs color

Everyone was very excited to hear the

name of the winner announced, but no one thought about what would happen next.

The little girl has just started singing “Juliet’s Waltz”, which is a famous part of the opera series “Roméo et Juliette”.

A voice beyond her years

The winner of the contest is only nine years old, but his vocal skill simply surprised and astonished everyone present.

You were even gossiping when you heard how well he danced. The judges were simply shocked and surprised when the future winner started singing the most difficult notes of the song.

Here’s a little fun fact about opera singers

Did you know that they can fully show their voice in the orchestra, because they can sing really well?

It is typical for opera singers to sing with different sound frequencies. This skill can bring victory even at an early age.