Baby And Stingray Have The Same Expression In Hilarious Animal Photobomb Picture

Animal photobombs never fail to amaze people, our cute and funny friends don’t know what they do but the photos seem like they really know how to pose for the camera.

A stingray decided to interfere creating one of the sweetest animal photobomb pictures you would have ever seen. The baby has a little frown, and if you look closely at the picture, the stingray also has one.

Wendy Armstrong was at the local aquarium in the UK with her then-6-month-old baby girl, Daisy, and her other daughter, Aurora when a stingray was fascinated by Daisy’s expressions and stroller.

Like every visitor to the aquarium, Wendy too pulled out her camera to take some clicks and it’s then that’s she saw the stingray photobombing Daisy with matching expressions!

The cute stingray was right up next to the glass near Daisy and what made Wendy laugh out loud was his mouth on the bottom of his body that resembled Daisy’s pout.

Wendy said, “I had my phone out, and when I saw they were both pulling the same miserable facial expression I burst out laughing and took a photo.” She uploaded the photo on social media as it’s now her husband’s and her favorite picture of Daisy.

No wonder the image went viral, and Wendy shared, “When she was that age Daisy never used to smile that much which did slightly concern us, but thankfully she is much happier now!”

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