This Frank Sinatra singer is so good, he’s the only one endorsed by Nancy Sinatra

Lasting only 5 minutes, this performance managed to bring Frank Sinatra back to us through Brian Dupree. Brian Dupree is an award-winning, full-on musical spotlight on the FOX television series “The Performer How.” He won by giving a role and image to Frank Sinatra.

His “Frank Sinatra Trau” is the only one given a chance by Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy Sinatra. Now he is known and recognized as the best of Frank Sinatra Immersonator. His voice is the closest and most appropriate voice to Frank that you will ever hear in your life.

Brian Dupree truly becomes Frank Sinatra on stage, with an amazing and wonderful stage presence, sparkling blue eyes and velvety baritone voice. In this video, we get a glimpse of the massive star as he simply takes you on a dramatic musical journey.

Seeing I’ve Got The World On A String performed in the 21st century by everyone but Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra himself has a magical and unique effect. Brian Dupree has it all wrapped up, from the expressions to the old crane smile.

More received endorsements from reputable institutions such as the Winnipeg Free Press. “Dupri’s baritone is a dead ringer for Ollie’s bright blue eyes.” More from the Chicago Tribune: “Dupré’s version of My Way is worth the ticket price alone.”

The only thing missing from this video is that Bryan is not wearing clothes like his idol. He wears a tuxedo, a bow tie and a bowler hat. Dupree is not in the classic hat that Grank wears. Maybe he still doesn’t want to have something original.

Brian plays with live accompaniment. It gives more depth to Sinatra’s experience, showing us the kind of music he aspires to emulate. All in all, Brian is helping us bring back the 20th century with all his grace and talent.