81-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Delights Judges With Singing Audition

Age is just a number! And this 81-year-old singer is proving that point in the most incredible way. Evelyn has always loved to sing and this precious Irish great-granny is truly talented.

Evelyn and her husband married in the 60s and had 2 kids, and now Evelyn has 6 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. While her kids were growing up Evelyn used to sing to them and music filled their home. So when the chance came for Evelyn to audition for Ireland’s Got Talent her kids and grandkids encouraged her to take the chance to live her dream.

Evelyn’s husband was always her biggest fan! Sadly, he passed almost 7 years ago, but she knew that he was cheering her on from Heaven. When she took the stage the judges were already smitten with this precious granny’s giant smile. Her energy is so positive and hopeful that you can’t help but be on her side. Evelyn chose for her audition the Stephen Sondheim classic ‘Send in the Clowns’ from the musical A Little Night Music.

The song can truly only be sung and understood by someone who has lived a long life and has the wisdom that comes with a life full experiences of pain and joy. Evelyn had only gotten out two words and I was captivated. And it looks like I wasn’t alone. The judges and audience are so drawn in you could hear a pin drop.

Her incredible voice and powerful storytelling brings you in a way that is so unique! As soon as she finished the crown was on their feet. Moved to tears by the applause Evelyn could hardly stand to take it all in.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better one of the judges hit the Golden Buzzer, sending her straight to the semi-finals. And you’ll be whipping away the tears as the crowd continues to cheer! Who else can’t wait to see what Evelyn sings next?